SurePower Innovation

A configurable, extensible and highly scalable

modern enterprise suite

Driving your company's growth, productivity and business agility

The SurePower Innovation® modern enterprise suite is designed to be a driver of your company's growth, productivity and business agility. The system is your strategic choice to succeed in today's market. 

SurePower Innovation is a thoroughly modern, modular system. It is truly Web-based, vs. Web front-ends, and fully SOA, with no legacy code "wrappered" into it. But what sets SurePower Innovation apart from other modern systems is the insurance expertise embedded in the system, from the overall architecture to the smallest day-to-day function. This, for example, may be in how a task is escalated, how the reinsurance automation can be finely tuned, or how a single piece of information is available simultaneously to claimsbillingunderwriting and throughout the system, creating new, actionable business opportunities.

SurePower Innovation is scalable for the largest companies, able to handle thousands of customers, even ready to access the cloud for peaks in usage, should that fit your business model. We can provide a large company with a solid PAS core and modern architecture or a start-up a complete enterprise solution, and serve every size in between without compromise on suitability or delivery of business value. Our technology is robust, flexible, and scalable, a rare combination in the industry.

SurePower Innovation Policy Administration Suite Modules

It Takes a Personal Demo

Frankly, it takes a demonstration to see how SurePower Innovation is more than what we often hear called an "end-to-end" solution or how it outpaces a collection of "best of breed" vendors. SurePower Innovation doesn't fit the usual categories. It does fit the needs of insurance companies.

A Great System is Designed for Change

The market and technology both change with amazing speed. ISCS's active R&D department releases 2-3 upgrades annually. ISCS's powerful automated testing and QA tools allow testing across the system. Because SurePower Innovation has comprehensive functionality, upgrades involve fewer vendors and integration projects. You aren't held back by the "weakest link" vendor.

Where do you want your business to be in a year? Will your technology be where it needs to be? ISCS provides an ongoing, strategic solution.

A Great System is Customer-driven

Our product and service roadmap is driven by the input of our customers. We encourage this with annual user group meetings, an ongoing idea submission and discussion portal, personal visits with executives, and usability studies.

"When you see the breadth and depth of ISCS's SurePower Innovation Suite, you realize it is one of the best-kept secrets in the industry. In our analysis, it is a wise investment either purchased whole or as a foundation."

Deborah Smallwood
Principal, founder
Strategy Meets Action

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