Secure, brandable and scalable solutions to stay competitive

Future-ready and Flexible Mobile Apps

A good mobile solution is more than just the app itself, and the road to getting there is filled with costly and time-consuming obstacles. Mobile apps are reasonably complicated to write and support already. But when you couple that with talking to your back end securely and scalably, it can become even more complex.

Why SurePower Innovation Mobile?

Using ISCS's advanced technology and maintenance services, insurers can quickly get feature-rich apps to market and then easily enhance the app in response to market and business changes, all while remaining current on iOS and Android platforms. ISCS's consumer and agent mobile apps, which work seamlessly with SurePower Innovation, are secure, brandable and scalable solutions developed to help property and casualty insurers stay competitive in a mobile market driven by ever-changing consumer expectations. The apps provide a variety of features, including secure electronic payments, notifications and a convenient way to view and share insurance-related documents. They also provide the ability to display digital proof-of-coverage ID cards in the states that allow them.

Features and Benefits

  • Provides a vehicle for secure electronic payments 
  • Agents can access information easily from the field 
  • Scales as consumer and agent access grows 
  • Peace of mind that apps will perform as needed on any major mobile device and platform 
  • Promotes greater customer service, giving easy access to coverages, claims and billing information


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