My grandfather wrote the
COBOL for our system

Does ISCS address my pain points?

My grandfather wrote the COBOL for our system

Capturing Your Business's Operational Knowledge: "He can't retire. I can't let him." If you have an aging system, you may have only a few people in the company who know what's buried in the processes it's accumulated over the years. Or no one may know. In our experience, the gap between what an older system does and what people think it is doing is often very large.

We don't have any magic way to resurrect all the business rules buried and forgotten your old system. We do have the insurance expertise to ask the right questions and bring up questions when we see something that has outlived its purpose.

Transitioning to a Modern Environment. If you have an older system, likely much of your IT staff (or budget) is consumed maintaining it. One thing to consider is what it means to your present staff to transition to a modern environment. We offer the advantage that our system doesn't require your staff to suddenly become Java experts or any other kind of expert.

Our tools and technology will allow your present staff to use modern technology without having to become experts in it. Most of what is done to configure the system doesn't touch any code. Generally your IT staff will find themselves proficient in the system in less than a month. If you have staff with advanced skills, you can have them do more advanced development. Our platform enables you to determine what role your IT department will have. You even receive access to the source code.

Staffing. If you've been running an older system, you likely have had problems finding staff to keep it running. Our system flips that situation on its head. We use modern but standard technology and leverage open source solutions. We use no proprietary or obscure languages. This maximizes the IT talent pool you recruit from for both maintenance and development. You also have ISCS as an on-demand resource.

If someone is ready to retire, you can let him retire.

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