We need to launch new
products faster

Does ISCS address my pain points?

We need to launch new products faster

SurePower Innovation enables you to create new products in weeks, sometimes days, not months.

Pre-built Products: SurePower Innovation comes with many fully functioning products pre-built. Using these as templates is a quick springboard to your own products.

Reusable "Building Blocks": A product in SurePower Innovation is built from reusable components or "building blocks." Building blocks include screen and data capture, rating, rules, common forms, etc. This makes it very easy to configure a new product. You might use the "rating block" from one product and the workflow from another, and the rules from another.

Efficiencies of a Pre-integrated System: Because SurePower Innovation is an end-to-end, pre-integrated system, you are creating a product that works throughout the system. You save time by avoiding integration work. With SurePower Innovation there are no integration sub-projects with each new product.

Automated Testing & QA: ISCS provides you a powerful suite of automated testing tools. When you build a product, you have the tools and processes to test it thoroughly. The  pre-integrated, end-to-end functionality increases the value of the automated testing. The entire system is continually regression tested.

During product development, our tools enable you to automate not only testing of the robustness of the software but also the business function. This test-driven development works from the business requirements themselves, using scripts that a business analyst with some training can write before any code is touched or advanced configuration done. The tests actually define "We're done!" with a solid product. The result is higher quality products that match what business is looking for right out of the gate and faster, more consistent delivery than other processes that don't incorporate rigorous testing.

Easy Deployment: Our environment makes it very easy to move products into production. Many new customers are used to this process being a major issue in their previous environments. The pleasant challenge is to change your internal processes and expectations to take in the fact that it is easy.

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