Business sees IT
as a bottleneck

Does ISCS address my pain points?

Business sees IT as a bottleneck

ISCS can solve this problem. Yes, we know that's a huge statement. The gap between business and IT has been a pain point since IT has existed.

The key to bridging the gap between IT and business is quick turnaround that enables a back and forth to get to the finished product. That takes both the right technology and the right processes. ISCS gives you both. If business says they want "X" and the next day you are showing it to them, they can respond "Yes, that's what I asked for" or "Oops, no, that's not it at all" or "Oh, I said that wrong. I'd really like this."

Our technology enables that interaction —before months have passed and the budget consumed. With our tools, for example, it's very easy to delete a screen and start over. It's easy to change a workflow or put in a different rule. For most configuration tasks, no one has to touch the code. SurePower Innovation's tools enable you to listen to the business person, get some idea of what's needed, present a version, get feedback and come to the desired result very quickly.

It takes some rethinking about what's possible. IT doesn't need to get the business unit to completely define everything. You had to do that before because the coding was so complex that you needed to get it right the first time. It was too costly to start over. Your IT team will have more difficulty getting out of the habit of wanting locked-down definitions, than they will becoming proficient with SurePower Innovation's tools.

Business can save all the time they had spent writing huge specifications. We give our clients access to all the processes and templates that we've developed, for example, something as simple as Excel templates that map directly into the system to communicate what's wanted. But the game changer is the tools that truly transform how IT and business "do" business.

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