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IASA Technology Session on Telematics features ISCS Customers

From the pre-show description:

Tuesday, June 4, 3:30 pm. Don't miss this session at the IASA Educational Conference and Business Show in Washington DC.

This panel discussion moderated by ISCS CEO Andy Scurto includes carrier and industry experts. Roger Walker, COO of Cornerstone National Insurance Company, Adam Nordost, CIO of Arrowhead Insurance Group, and Mark Nawrath, a program development expert from Perr&Knight will present on this timely topic.

Are you in a "wait and see" mode regarding telematics and user-based, behavioral data and insurance? A better strategy may be "wait but prepare" to be positioned for quick uptake of user-based products. The consumer appeal is being shown outside the U.S., and a new generation of consumers is not only OK with having devices monitoring their footsteps and heatbeats but also like seeing their life in data. Insurers have an opportunity to help the self-helpers and may have a market imperative to do so to avoid being on the wrong end of self-selection and out of the market for those consumers and business owners who will use the new data and monitoring devices to reduce risk, lower claims, and live more safely.

The future starts now, or at 3:30 pm on Tuesday, June 4. If you aren't there, someone will be able to track it on your phone data years from now and know you missed out!

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