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Leslie Holden-Mikesell, ISCS VP Professional Services, Leads Session on Agile

At the 2012 IASA Conference, Leslie Holden-Mikesell presented an intermediate-level primer on agile methodology and moderated a discussion by panelists Roger Walker, COO Cornerstone Insurance, Sujey Edward of ATSC/Salient, and Mary Beth Kecan, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas. Conrad Garvey, ISCS VP Sales, was the IASA volunteer organizer for the session.

Agile Methodology: How to Execute, Govern and Succeed

Panel Members

Leslie Holden-Mikesell, ISCSSujey Edward, ATSC/Salient Roger Walker, Cornerstone National Insurance CompanyMary Beth Klecan, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas, Inc.

Insurers are adopting agile methodologies for IT projects and getting successful results. However, an agile approach, by definition, takes away many of the traditional tools to measure and monitor individual and project progress. An agile approach requires both individuals to change how they work with each other and organizations to change how they define goals, set priorities and measure results. The changes can be nerve-wracking for executive leadership and head-spinning for participants who are used to traditional corporate hierarchies, protocols, and top-down decision making. How do we manage these fundamental changes agile requires? This session first explores what happens on a team and project level using agile methodology, and then how corporate governance changes when you scale from a single agile team to a federation of agile teams. Topics include the role of executive leadership in an agile environment and what an “agile aware” PMO looks like.

  • Learn how traditional methods and measures are challenged by agile methodology
  • Take away five intermediate-level ideas for agile team success and executive leadership
  • Take away five intermediate-level ideas for corporate governance when using an agile approach


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