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ISCS President Andy Scurto leads Core Systems Summit Roundtable

Chicago - April 11-12, 2012 - CDM Media in partnership with Novarica hosted insurance industry technology executives for the annual Core Systems Summit. Andy Scurto, ISCS president, led a round table discussion on day 2 of the conference on the topic:

Core Systems Implementation: Let's Talk about Success

 Success has a thousand fathers, while failure is an orphan. What are the drivers of successful core systems projects?

Carriers and vendors appear to be getting better at implementing core system projects. Projects seem to meet expectations more consistently and carriers seem to be avoiding the complete failures common just a few years ago. Let's discuss the critical success factors and lessons learned in recent successful core system implementations.

Topics will be driven by the group but could include pre-project readiness assessments, project methodology choice, team size and structure, mix of internal/external resources, subject matter experts, roll-out, conversion, or testing timing and types. We can discuss how to balance the benefits of fixed-cost projects with change management, as scope and business requirements change during the project. What factors are difference-makers to you?

You may want to play devil's advocate: is the failure rate the same as in past years? There may simply be more projects, so we hear of more successes. Are failures getting shut down faster, or alternatively, getting strung out longer? Is the industry better at communicating lower expectations or at keeping failed projects under wraps? Any or all of these situations could lower the number of failures we hear about.


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