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SurePower User Group 2011 -- Attendees Give Content, New Tools and Activities High Marks

San Jose, CA - September 14, 2011 - ISCS is pleased to announce the successful completion of this year's SurePower User Group (SPUG) Conference, held in San Jose, California. 

More than 75 insurer and partner attendees met for two days of customer panels, ISCS presentations, and roundtable discussions. Topics included success with consumer portal deployment for insurers with independent agents, agile project management experience, ISO circular management, and new system development, highlighted by product visualization and configuration tool developments. Outside speakers included Karlyn Carnahan, principal, Novarica. See 2011 Agenda & Registration Info

A workshop led by Jeannie Kahwaji, Ph.D., an expert in organizational performance, led to the formation of a member-led leadership group to work on optimizing the value of the user group for members over the full year and to create a structure for increasing solicitation of member-led content in the annual meetings and other forums.

Comments from attendees included the following:

Current SurePower Users and Partners

The Annual SurePower User Group Meeting is an excellent opportunity to network with ISCS staff and other customers to share experiences, as well as discuss features new, planned, and under consideration.”

Greg Wren, Underwriting Administration Coordinator, Tower Hill Insurance Group

 “Hearing about all the new products keeps us excited about SurePower.”

Joyce Smythe, Project Manager, Union Labor Life Insurance Company (ULLICO)

“One of my biggest takeaways is that ISCS does listen to their customers. You can see it in the product updates and by talking to other customers.”

Mike Viela, Implementation Manager, First Insurance Company of Hawaii

“Being a brand new user, it was helpful to meet other users and find out how they use the system. I now have several contacts at other companies that I will be able to reach out to during implementation and once we go live.”

Elena Levinar, System Manager, AAA Auto Club South

“There are three main objectives I look for in a user group conference; information about the vendor and the software, gaining contacts and sharing experiences with other customers, and social events that allow us to relax and build on the feeling of community. SPUG does a great job with all three!”

Cindy Powell, consultant, Dryden Mutual

“I found the user group meeting to be extremely helpful as it provided an opportunity to share experiences and learn from other clients.”

Robert MacLeod, Director - Project Management Office, Union Mutual of Vermont

“There is nothing better than the 'Face to Face" collaboration tool.”

Trish Carter, Business Analyst/Project Coordinator, Union Mutual of Vermont

“As always a first class event!”

Don West, VP State National Companies, Inc.

“Excellent networking opportunities and fun social activities - this conference was a home run and we'll definitely be back next year.”

Rob Berg, principal, Perr & Knight


Insurers Considering becoming an ISCS Client & Selecting SurePower Innovation

"I highly recommend this conference for potential clients. You could not ask for a better opportunity to get feedback from ISCS clients. If possible, get your Underwriters and Marketing associates to attend."

An AVP of Customer Service

As a prospective partner I found the content of the User Group meeting and the direct access to the entire ISCS leadership team extremely valuable.


“Very well organized conference with very valuable topics. Consider it an overall huge success!”

VP Underwriting


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