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SurePower User Group Attendees Give Meeting High Marks

Attendees to the 2009 "SPUG" Meeting gave high marks to the presentations and opportunities for collaboration. The sessions showcased ISCS's extensive automated testing program and tools; self-service portals; and new data marts and reporting capabilities. Outside speakers included Krishna Bhagavatula, AVP Insurance, Cognizant, on insurance industry trends and Joyce Dickerson, Director of Sustainable IT, Stanford University on the ROI of green IT initiatives.

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What attendees valued most from the 2009 user group meeting...

"... the interaction and heavy involvement of ISCS top management."

"... learning how other customers are using the software, hearing about their experiences and the exchange of ideas and information."

"... seeing what improvements have been made to [SurePower] Innovation."

"...learning ISCS's plans and goals for the software in the future."

"... sharing concerns about past and current difficulties with other customers to see if they had the same experience, and sharing ideas for how to fix these problems in the future."

"...  the honesty and forthrightness from Andy and the team about areas that didn't go so well in the past."

"... meeting the team members that we work with exclusively on email or the phone and being able to interact to develop a rapport that is important for our future interactions and collaborations."

 "... as a business conference, it seemed appropriate and well done."

 "... the work that has been done on reporting and automated testing."

 "... the chance to network with others on how you use the system and problems solved that will help me."

" ... meeting a lot of the ISCS staff face to face."


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