We need to grow our book
of business

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We need to grow our book of business

SurePower Innovation gives your business the tools to be agile, and agility to act quickly on opportunities is the prime driver of growth. ISCS has a proven track record of rolling out new states or new lines in weeks.

If the opportunity is a rate change or product change, you can act quickly. A rate change from the system's standpoint can be done in hours. In practical terms of business time that means a few days to manage the regulatory needs and business processes required. The change is active in days, instead of months.

ISCS also gives you the high-quality portals that increase the business that producers send to you. Agents place business with carriers that are easy to do business with. SurePower Innovation's self-service tools give you the flexibility to define the capabilities you want your agents to have, enabling you to create an optimal experience for selling your particular products.

SurePower Innovation also gives you highly user-friendly direct-to-consumer sales portals. More than 20% of auto insurance is purchased online, for example, and the number is growing. You can have your business positioned to take advantage of the opportunity to gain market share as online purchasing moves into more and more products and product lines.

SurePower Innovation can increase your renewal rates by giving your staff a system that increases their responsiveness, whether to get a complex quote out faster, respond to a FNOL, issue a check, or adjust a billing plan.

Leverage SurePower Innovation's end-to-end functionality to capture new business. The 360 degree view of a customer or account is shared by underwriting, claims, billing, and management vision.  This enables your staff in their day-to-day work to identify opportunities that otherwise would have been missed. For executive management, the system's advanced information access capability enables you to run ad hoc reports easily and quickly to identify strategic opportunities when you can gain the most from them, not at the end of a month or quarter.

ISCS enables you to be innovative in ways that drive business value. That's our mission to see you succeed and we define success as your growth.

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