A configuration toolset designed

with the business user in mind.

Be more agile and make system and product changes quickly.

Having to wait for product and system configuration to be completed by a vendor one step removed from the day-to-day business, can be time-consuming and costly. SurePower Innovation comes complete with SurePower PowerTools - a toolset with an ideal balance of pre-built components and powerful configuration capabilities. This, combined with SurePower Innovation's modern architecture, enables insurer's subject matter experts to make system and product configuration changes quickly. How?

  • Business logic isn't hard-coded. Product development is a configuration, not coding, process, enabling fast, easy product set-up and simple, quick changes.
  • A fine-grained permission system enables editing only by authorized users while maintaining a detailed log of every change made.
  • Visually defined business rules make changes more cost-effective to implement by eliminating advanced scripting and custom programming.
  • Functionality is configured and packaged into reusable templates that reduce time to market for new states and product rollouts.

Quick configuration means nothing if you can't quickly test the result. SurePower Innovation comes with powerful automated unit and functional regression tests. Technically capable business users can easily write functional tests for the new or changed product, or with an assist from IT. 

Multi-tiered Approach Keeps the Focus on Your Business

Multi-tiered Approach

From bottom to top:

  • Enabling Tools & Components - this layer is a treasure chest of reusable insurance-specific components; for instance, you might reuse a workflow from one product, rating from another, etc.
  • A Base for Insurance Products - this layer is a generic platform not limited to any specific line of insurance business. This provides you the business flexibility to act on insurance opportunities outside your current areas of business, while working with the same tools and running all lines on the same system.
  • "Out of Box" Product - ISCS has used our own tools to create fully functioning, detailed products, e.g. homeowners, BOP, fiduciary liability, etc. for you to use as springboards to your uniquely configured products.
  • Insurer's Product Configuration - You have the ability to make the changes to the product that make your company different than others, such as adding in your workflows, rules, and information needs that vary from other companies'. You have the advantage of re-using components, such as workflows, state filings, rates, coverage's from other products, and so on.

"[SurePower Innovation's] modern technology platform allows for quick responsiveness to business changes, enhancements, and regulatory requests for the application. The ability to configure changes enabled by an enterprise solution with a common data model streamlines implementation, shortening time to production."

Deborah Smallwood
Principal, founder
Strategy Meets Action

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