How does ISCS help me in my role?


You want a technology that supports your business vision and your strategy to achieve it. Our system is a strategic choice for generating business value.

You want to run a business that is dynamic and able to respond quickly to opportunities. You need the business partner and the technology to do that. Our management has experience at the highest levels in the business of insurance. Our system has a proven track record of enabling the roll-out of new products, new states in weeks. We provide you the right systems and technology to have the agility to respond to business opportunities. Should you need us, we also have the right methodologies, quality assurance, and scalable resources, so a request made to us comes back to you in time to capitalize on an opportunity.

You are also operating your business in an environment of growing regulation. ISCS is your partner to comply with Sarbanes-Oxley and similar regulations. You need a business partner that is keeping ahead of changes such as the Medicare Section 111 reporting requirements needed in 2010. We were ready for the change and were even the first to inform a prospect that it was needed.

ISCS brings you a technology that is highly flexible, enabling you to adapt to new needs, and we have the industry involvement to see them coming. We are at the insurance industry educational conferences, often speaking and leading panels, with an ear for both the business and technology needs of our clients. We are actively working with the best analysts in the industry. We stay informed and act on it by investing in a highly active R&D team to provide you a dynamic product that keeps you compliant and competitive. Our technology not only has robust and proven logging, tracking, and audit trails, it also has us behind it, understanding what auditors need and designing our data storage to retrieve it quickly.

The same dynamic reporting capabilities give you visibility into your company’s performance, now, while the information is still relevant. The system can effectively generate information into a business-friendly, usable format, so you have actionable information.  And because our system runs all lines on the same system, personal, commercial, and specialty, it can quickly provide cross-company reports with assured data consistency. You can see a full, accurate view of where you, right now, not after an opportunity has passed or a problem has grown.

Our top management is accessible and actively checking in with your stakeholders. If you want to talk to our CEO in person or have him talk to your board, he will be there. We make regular calls and visits to top management. And we make sure we get input from all the stakeholders in your company through user groups, surveys, check-in calls, etc. on what they need from us and the system to create more business value for your company. We don't "deploy and dump" you. Our mission statement is to be a primary driver of your company's success.

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