Risk mitigation and peace of mind

ISCS's SurePackage is a complete, managed SaaS solution that mitigates risk so you can focus on more important things.

Set your mind at ease, and your business in motion.

Properly managing the direction of your company and making difficult decisions that affect the future of your business is no easy task. Your business goals and long-term choices require all of your attention, and there is room for little else. But you can't concentrate on making those decisions if you have to spend your time and resources making sure your servers are up and running, your applications are available and your data is safe. Those issues and decisions, while critical to the running of your business, take away from the time necessary for the shaping of your company's future.

Focus on what's important and let us manage the rest. ISCS's SurePackage is a cloud-based, SaaS solution that ensures availability, provides redundancy, manages your data and generally ensures that your business is working so that you can focus on what you do best.

Mitigate risk

SurePackage offers the peace of mind of knowing that your business applications are up and running no matter what self-service infrastructure model you utilize, thereby allowing you to be more strategic and focus on your business. SurePackage's application layer is also powered by SurePower Innovation, which means unprecedented versatility in the services layer and all under a single service-level agreement (SLA).

One service-level agreement

SurePackage provides you one SLA with one trusted partner when you need it most. When business gets hectic and something isn’t going right – whether it’s a hosting issue or a programming problem, a software glitch or networking trouble – time is of the essence. Just making one call for the solution to the problem makes all the difference. One SLA for software, services and infrastructure, means you have a single hand to shake for all your technology application needs.

Stay modern

SurePackage ensures that you are always operating on the leading edge of available technology and that you can do so without the necessity of overhauling existing components of your system. Our managed SaaS solution constantly evolves to account for emerging technology and new business requirements and every upgrade is thoroughly tested in the platform before that update is pushed out to users.

“I don’t have the in-house IT staff required for an on-premise solution. With a hosted solution, I don’t have to maintain resources locally, and I have just one hand to shake, should something ever go wrong.”
Joe Shumaker, Manager, The Mississippi Windstorm Underwriting Association