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ISCS's SurePower® products are built for property and casualty insurance organizations.

P&C carriers and MGAs rely on our modular, cloud-based platform to perform critical business processes for commercial, personal and specialty lines of business.

How Can We Help You?

What is your role?
Established CIO

We’re here to enable you and your IT team to generate business value for your company.


While you may have much to prove, you can count on us and our proven track record of successful implementations.

Executive at a Start-up

With a powerful end-to-end system ideal for a startup’s needs, we don’t just lower the barrier to market entry, we remove it.


Our system is a strategic choice for generating business value and supporting your business vision.

What are your needs?
Grow our book of business

SurePower Innovation gives your business the tools to be agile.

Launch new products faster

SurePower Innovation enables you to create new products in weeks, sometimes days, not months.

Bridge a gap between IT and the business

With SurePower Innovation technology, the units can spend more time solving business needs and less time discussing definitions and coding.

Replace an aging system and retirement-ready expertise

SurePower Innovation will enable your present staff to use modern technology without having to become experts in it

Will your implementation succeed?
Why other projects have failed

Project failure always boils down to one factor. Hint: The implementation methodology matters.

Stop before writing that 300-page RFI

We’ll work with you to gather the right level of details to ensure the path we’re about to embark on is well-paved.

Agile Development

We have a proven track record of using agile development for successful implementations.

Transparency during implementation

The unique visibility we provide is key to ensuring that your project succeeds.

Need to install the entire suite?
No. The system is modular. Start small if you’d like.

SurePower Innovation can automate a single function, line or state.

But, think about your overall IT and business strategy

With SurePower Innovation you won't face the complications that come from sewn-together systems sewn

What about that specific line that must run on a legacy system?

With SurePower Innovation, you can remove the layers of the legacy system until only the core value it is contributing remains under the old technology.

Can’t I get better products if I go best of breed?

Enterprise systems actually now have the advantage because they can make enhancements across the company and are not bound by the limits of a point solution.

American Integrity Insurance Group

A nine-month implementation enabled the Florida homeowners insurer to develop and go live with a quick quote tool in just four months.

Mitigate Risk

With ISCS's SurePackage, a complete managed SaaS solution, you can focus on your business, and we'll handle the rest.


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