The power of one

Not all insurance suites are created equal.
With SurePower Innovation you get a far greater user experience, faster training and quicker, less-costly upgrades.

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Core is only the beginning

Insurance requires more than the core services of policy admin, claims and billing. SurePower Innovation is much more than core.

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Risk mitigation and peace of mind

ISCS's SurePackage is a complete, managed SaaS solution that mitigates risk so you can focus on more important things.

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Modern technology, business agility

SurePower Innovation is designed to configure easily, scale effortlessly and upgrade flawlessly, so it can adapt quickly.

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Madison Mutual Grows
And Meets Goals

With the help an existing implementation of SurePower Innovation®, the auto, home, farm and umbrella insurer has entered new states and achieved its 80-percent straight-through processing goal.

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ISCS's SurePower Innovation® : A modern enterprise suite for property and casualty insurance organizations.

P&C carriers and MGAs rely on our modular, Web and SOA-based suite to perform critical business processes for commercial, personal and specialty lines of business.

How Can We Help You?

What is your role?
Established CIO

Our job is to make you look good by enabling you and your IT team to generate business value for your company.

You're the new CIO

A new CIO often has one shot at a large project. You need a vendor like ISCS that has a proven track record of successful implementations.

Executive at a Start-up

ISCS offers a very powerful, end-to-end system ideal for a start-up\'s needs. We don\'t just lower the barrier to market entry, we remove it.


You want a technology that supports your business vision and your strategy to achieve it. Our system is a strategic choice for generating business value.

What are your needs?
Need to grow our book of business

SurePower Innovation gives your business the tools to be agile.

Need to launch new products faster

SurePower Innovation enables you to create new products in weeks, sometimes days, not months.

Business sees IT as a bottleneck

ISCS can solve this problem.

My grandfather wrote the COBOL for our system

Capturing Your Business's Operational Knowledge: He can't retire. I can't let him.

Will my installation succeed?
Why insurance projects fail (others, not ours)

We think there is actually just one thing that went wrong when a project fails.

STOP before writing that 300 page RFI

Discovery is something that starts off the page.

Agile Development Sprints & Scrum

ISCS has a proven track record of using agile development for successful implementations.

Visibility like nothing you've ever seen

The unique visibility ISCS provides is key to ensuring that your project succeeds.

Need to install the entire suite?
No. The system is modular. Start small if you'd like.

You can use SurePower Innovation to automate a single function, line, or state.

But think about your overall IT AND Business Strategy

We present the SurePower Innovation Policy Administration Suite as your strategic choice for business success.

Have a business line that must run on a legacy system?

Sometimes legacy systems perform certain tasks very, very well, and it doesn\'t make sense to retire them.

Somebody really wants X, Y, or Z point solution

SurePower Innovation is an ideal foundational core for a best-of-breed approach.

Advantages of Rip and Replace

Union Mutual of Vermont and the Mississippi Wind Underwriting Assoc. share their core system replacement experiences.

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Mitigate Risk

With ISCS's SurePackage, a complete managed SaaS solution, you can focus your business, and we'll handle the rest.


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